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February 10, 2014: Receipt of Dent-cosmetics for whitening teeth at home.

White Smile teeth whitening offers you one of the most efficient and modern technologies as well as professional - quality make- dent of the United States.

To date, there are different methods of teeth whitening. However , the safest and most modern of them is the technology WhiteSmile. It simply ensures stunning results in just 20 minutes. Technology , which uses the company WhiteSmile, based on the use of the gel , which breaks down under the influence of special pigments radiation , and thus returns to their teeth naturally whiter .

WhiteSmile one of the first to use a gel which does not contain a peroxide composition . Because of this, teeth whitening is completely harmless to enamel. Safety effectiveness of this technology is confirmed not only by numerous tests , but also the millions of procedures performed in Europe and in the United States .

Also popular and cosmetics - dent of the company. Are most demanded products such as whitening pencil «WhiteSmile Pro» and set foams Dual System «WhiteSmile Pro», as well as other

It should be noted that WhiteSmile - the only company in Russia that produces whitening pencil, does not contain peroxide . That is, it is completely harmless.

Through the use of this stick can maintain the effect achieved within 2 years . It perfectly removes plaque from wine , coffee, cigarettes , citrus.

Crystallizes strengthens tooth enamel , prevents the penetration of various pigments deep into the tooth enamel.
This pencil is recommended for use as a prophylactic . Also it can be used by people with false teeth or fillings for the same or cleanse them from flying and lightening 1-2 pitch .

Also WhiteSmile only in Russia produces a binary system foams teeth which contains carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

Daily application of foam will help get rid of:

of tartar and plaque on yellow enamel
from halitosis .
Thanks to new technology , excellent foam penetrates the most remote places in between teeth , inside of them .
Thus, the snow-white Hollywood smile - it's no problem .

With the company WhiteSmile it become available to everyone !

Отзывы наших клиентов
Алевтина Буракова

Здравствуйте, уважаемые читатели, хочу вам рассказать о своей работе с компанией White Smile. Занимаюсь маникюром уже более…

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Савчук Данил

Открыл кабинет White Smile (Вайт Смайл) в г. Сургут. Т.к я стоматолог то решил что поеду в город головного офиса и сам лично посмотрю…

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Кирилл Тарасов
(Г. Ульяновск)

Добрый день! Решил открыть White Smile в торговом центре. Посчитал необходимым поставить в центре небольшой кабинет по отбеливанию…

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