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February 10, 2014: Receipt of Dent-cosmetics for whitening teeth at home.
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  • How does technology WhiteSmile?

    the years under the influence of pigments from food, drink, smoking , our teeth become darker . Pigments penetrate deep inside the enamel , so no conventional means of whitening ( pastes, powders ) , affecting only the surface of the teeth can not return them to their natural whiteness , and in most cases harm the enamel surface . Expensive whitening with laser and peroxide are effective , but change the structure of the enamel , making it sensitive and painful .American technology

    Professional whitening Whitesmile absolutely harmless to enamel. Under the influence of radiation of the LED active oxygen contained in the gel penetrates the enamel and cleaves pigmented spots . Our gel WhiteSmile certified in Europe and the USA , does not contain peroxide , therefore does not irritate the gums , does not cause side effects , and most importantly - does not violate the structure of enamel. Other components of the gel WhiteSmile provide comprehensive care for oral hygiene .

  • How much whiter will my teeth get ?For one procedure

    teeth become lighter on average 8-12 tones. WhiteSmile ensures lightening at least 6 colors. It is understood that harmless to enamel whitening technology WhiteSmile can not make your teeth whiter than their natural color, which can vary depending on the genetic characteristics of each person ..

  • How often can whiten your teeth ?

    procedure recommended no more than once a month. However, whitening WhiteSmile has a very lasting effect , so to maintain snow-white smile you enough to whiten your teeth on technology WhiteSmile once a year .

  • Are there any contraindications to bleaching ?

    Despite the fact that technology is the most secure WhiteSmile today , we recommend you refrain from procedures for children under 14 years of age , pregnant or nursing , as well as to those who have expressed gum disease and tooth decay .

  • Are there any restrictions after the procedure ?

    We recommend to abstain from food and drink for 1 hour after the procedure. Pores on the teeth after the procedure are particularly susceptible to the coloring pigments , so it is best to avoid smoking and drinks such as tea and coffee for 24 hours after bleaching .

  • Whiten teeth - it hurt?

    Whitening WhiteSmile absolutely painless .

  • How to order cosmetics-dent WhiteSmile Pro?

    To select a product, use the section "Dent-cosmetics". At any stage of view you can add selected products to cart. For further ordering should go to the basket. After the formation of the range, you must fill out the order form, specify your contact information. For your order you can call the toll-free number 88007756537. Orders are shipped within 3-5 days of the Russian Federation.