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February 10, 2014: Receipt of Dent-cosmetics for whitening teeth at home.

Currently, there are many methods of teeth whitening. The most modern and secure technology of them is WhiteSmile, providing a striking result in just 20 minutes .

technology teeth whitening WhiteSmile based on the application of the gel , which is under the influence of light radiation splits special pigments , restoring the natural whiteness of their teeth .

Company WhiteSmile one of the first in the world to apply the gel containing no peroxide (0 % peroxide), making absolutely harmless for whitening teeth. Efficacy and safety technology is confirmed not only by clinical tests and certificates , but also more than a million successful procedures in the U.S. and Europe .

Step 1 . 

With the help of our expert color gamut with you determines the color of your teeth .



Step 2 . 

You brush your teeth special towel Teeth Wipes. Then our specialist treats gums vitamin E, providing protection during the procedure. Then you have to insert the mouthpiece into your mouth sterile mouth tray.


Step 3 .

Now you can relax and unwind. Our specialist will configure LED- rays from a special lamp that will activate the whitening gel for 20 minutes .



Step 4 .

After the procedure, the cap is removed. Then you need to rinse your mouth with water and rub the teeth special towel Teeth Wipes.



Step 5 .

Our specialist with you again determines the color of your teeth, you could see the result .